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Welcome to Hasyakavi Sammelan

Over time Kavi Sammelan is a very popular form of healthy entertainment. It is an idea commonly accepted and celebrated in India and abroad to organize Kavi Sammelan to create happiness and joy in public life. Also changes the shape and content according to the current question. Today the Sammelan Kavi is the best way to make a very special occasion. We organize Kavi Sammelan worldwide. We are well tuned to the number of famous poets from India. We offer a perfect combination of humor, satire, love and emotion. Special Sammelan Kavi to organize for various family occasions such as wedding ceremony, birthday party, birthdays and more. We also have a great experience in organizing Kavi Sameelan for academic institutions, governments and NGOs. The web is a humble invitation to all poetry lovers who want to enjoy poetry events to fill their lives with many good memories. Today, no corners of the world are untouched by the size of Kavi Sammelan, we are invited to a world of entertainment. In recent years, our team has successfully organized cultural events in the United States, Belgium, Muskat, Great Britain, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Macao and many other countries. In India we are invited to various places, including social-cultural organizations, government centers, PSU, corporate homes, educational institutions and wedding ceremony all year long.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to quickly and effectively bring stability in every Colleges, Club and Corporations

Our Campaign

You can join our campaigns in various cities all over the country. See the upcoming events for you

Our Projects

Our projects are our major hopes and goals. We are waiting for you to participate and contribute